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companies using Apollo are seeing a positive ROAS


Earn for every mobile page view

Apollo is a stand-alone mobile advertising platform that helps publishers monetize content.

We know your pain with display advertising, more readers have ‘banner blindness’ which is decreasing the number of ad clicks which decreases your monthly revenue from the large networks.

Apollo was built to help serve as another way for you to monetize your website content from your mobile readers which is becoming increasingly difficult.


Apollo discovered a new powerful place for mobile ads.

The best part of our ad unit is that it takes literally no-pixels on your website. Booya!

Because of the native drop-down feature, there is no actual space on your website you need to give up. Our ad unit is a beautiful cup of java script which sits nicely on top of your content.

It’s native familiarity to the users makes it easy for them to choose to engage with the ad unit or not. To remove it instantly they can swipe up, just as they would a normal push notification, or simply wait and the message will remove itself back up into Apollo air.


Non-intrusive to your readers

We get it, no one loves ads, but did you know that 70% of your readers don’t mind ads as long as it ‘provides value to their everyday life.’

We can’t be perfect with our ad placements, but we can control who advertises on our platform. Thus, we allow only what we determine as quality advertisers who are providing value to your readers.

70% of people agree that they don’t mind advertising as long as the ads are relevant and provide value - that’s what we strive for by asking our advertisers to offer discounts, trials, coupons and useful information that enhances the readers day.


It’s easy to get started with us.

Basically all you have to do is flip the hypothetical Apollo switch and you can start earning with us.

Okay, it’s not exactly that easy - but all you really have to do is add a simple line of code into your website. This will load as your page loads it will call our ad server and deliver a targeted ad to the reader.

Each impression you deliver is monetized and paid out in your monthly earnings. 


We play nice with your existing adstack.

Apollo integrates alongside Google DFP, Taboola, Rubicon and all other ad networks

Just plug and play - add us into your monetization stack and keep earning on top of all your other placements. We just need to take up the top second of your mobile browser.


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