NerdWallet Increases Leads by 40%

Make all the best money moves.

NerdWallet is helping millions of Americans to live a better, financially stable life. Their mission—to educate people to make all the best money moves. The NerdWallet digital marketing team is playing in a very competitive sandbox - and winning. Cost to acquire new customers is very high to their top priority was looking for a new, cost-effective marketing channel to discuss more about their products and services to new potential customers.

Campaign Goals

  • Increase user accounts

  • Raise awareness for current offers and promotions

What we did

NerdWallet had a clear target of financial and business blogs. To increase direct new user account sign-ups, we tested a free credit score offer and an financial improvement offer. Both tested very well and led to high user-engagement and new sign ups.

Other ads containing more promotional and awareness ads still received a high-level of engagement and received a click-thru rate of about 0.08% which is still well-above industry standard for a promtional message.

Creative Messages with Apollo

Call to action & landing page

As the primary call-to-action is to encourage new user accounts, we tested landing pages of sign up accounts which had a high fill percentage. As a softer sale, we drove users directly to content based articles to introduce them to NerdWallet’s benefits rather than a hard sale.

NerdWallet encouraged users to sign up for a free account.

NerdWallet encouraged users to sign up for a free account.


NerdWallet increased new leads by 40% while decreasing CPA.

Apollo traffic is one of the highest converting traffic channels for NerdWallet, performing on the same level like social media and search marketing.

“We needed a channel that would provide us with a high-quality audience interested in discovering our brand. Apollo has become a top partner for acquisition —we’ve seen a significant impact on our overall bottom line.”

- Head of Growth Marketing at NerdWallet