How Dunkin Brands Grew DD Perks App Downloads 25%

America Runs on Dunks

Dunkin Donuts is a national landmark in the northeast region of the United States. As any native will tell you, they run on Dunkin. Their mission—to build top quality coffee and food to help people working their best. They pride themselves on quality. The Dunkin digital marketing team is tasked with several various objectives at any given time, all while undergoing a major brand overhaul to lose the name Donuts in their title.

Campaign Goals

  • Increase downloads for their new rewards app

  • Raise awareness for current offers and promotions

  • Brand awareness of the new name: Dunkin

What we did

To target their campaigns, Dunks and Apollo created an interest-based buyer persona and delivered ads on popular millennial websites offering sports, news and entertainment content. Using simple messaging we offered a range of ad creative; the priority was to promote the new app downloads, we offered a free coffee and received a massive 1.06% click-thru rate, the highest in Apollo history.

Other ads containing more promotional and awareness ads still received a high-level of engagement and received a click-thru rate of about 0.08% which is still well-above industry standard for a promtional message.

Creative Messages with Apollo

Call to action & landing page

As the primary call-to-action is to encourage new app downloads, we sent people directly to the app store to download the app. We also tested a different landing page of landing on their web splash page for the DD Perks app here.

Dunkin drove visitors directly to the App Store in this example.

Dunkin drove visitors directly to the App Store in this example.


Dunkin Brands increased app downloads by 25% and location page visitors by 10%

Apollo traffic is one of the highest converting traffic channels for Dunkin Brands, performing on the same level like social media and search marketing.

“We needed a channel that would provide us with a high-quality audience interested in discovering our brand. Apollo has become a top partner for acquisition —we’ve seen a significant impact on our overall bottom line.”

- Head of Performance Marketing at Dunkin Brands

This success is partly due to the account management team at Apollo whose optimization expertise on the technology platform has provided highly efficient targeting techniques. The Apollo creative strategy team also worked with Dunkin to optimize creatives for success in their market.

“I’m extremely pleased with the results of our Apollo campaign. We received a positive Return on Ad Spend and achieved an ‘always on’ marketing approach. We were able to fill our funnel with new customers and received very good results on our direct app install goal. Good work!”

- Head of Performance Marketing at Dunkin Brands