DraftKings Reaches Customers in Real-Time Advertising Campaign

The game inside the game.

DraftKings forever changed the way we watch sports. They basically created a brand new Daily Fantasy category, and we ate it up. Since their launch, DraftKings has paid out over $6.2 billion, with a B, in winnings to their players. DraftKings owns a large market share of the daily fantasy market and utilized the Apollo Mobile Advertising platform to further increase their position.

Campaign Goals

  • Increase new user accounts

  • Raise retention of players

What we did

To target new subscribers for DraftKings, we placed their ads on a variety of Sports websites and blogs. Also news and viral entertainment proved to be another positive channel with a similar audience. We offered a variety of creative that drove new users directly to their main sign up splash page to enroll new players.

To retain players to increase repeat playing, we used real-time adjustments to promote a new sporting event every night. The results were phenomenal!

Creative Messages with Apollo

Call to action & landing page

As the primary call-to-action is to encourage new user accounts, we tested landing pages of sign up accounts which had a high fill percentage. As a hard sell, we directed users directly to the sign up/sign in page with a major KPI on sign up percentage.

DraftKings directed new players to a sign up landing page.

DraftKings directed new players to a sign up landing page.


DraftKings increased new accounts and app retention 40%

Apollo traffic is one of the highest converting traffic channels for NerdWallet, performing on the same level like social media and search marketing.

“The freedom, simplicity and flexibility of the Apollo advertising platform was a tremendous success for us.”

- Growth Marketing at Draft Kings