Advertiser Benefits

Companies using Apollo are seeing a positive ROAS

Captures User Attention

As all marketers know, without attention, you have nothing.

Our dropdown notification ads are designed to solve advertising’s biggest problem: consumer attention. Because our platform is mobile native, we deliver ads in a way that is familiar, engaging, and interactive for people on their phones. 


Instant Results

Take the guesswork out of marketing. We deliver high click-through rates and real-time data.

Whether you're looking to promote your content, sell a product or get more downloads, Apollo is designed to meet your needs. With your account, you can track your ad performance and see your campaign results in real-time. 


100% Visibility

Apollo delivers quality impressions and prevents phantom clicks.

False impressions are the bane of mobile advertising today. We ensure user visibility by retrieving the ad unit only after the customer has engaged with the native content. So, if the visitor bounces immediately, the ad unit is not requested and an impression is not recorded. You only pay for the ads that are fully delivered. 


Simple and Easy Creative

You don’t have to be a graphic designer or need an expensive agency to make an effective ad.

Our user-friendly, text-based interface makes it easy for people of all skill levels to engage with their community. You can ditch expensive graphic designs and video. Harness the power of text, and our beautiful interface will do the rest of the work. 


Easy Targeting and Delivery

Define your audience.

We'll work with our network of publishers to make sure your ad campaign gets seen by the right people. Your ads will target relevant and interested mobile-phone users.


Protection Against Fraud

Crush ad fraud with our third-party watchdog.

Ad fraud accounts for about 33% of all mobile impressions.

We use the most sophisticated ad fraud protection service on the market to make sure your ads are being delivered and seen by real human beings. We take the extra steps to ensure your brand safety.

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